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Gabby - adopted December 2015


Gabby was adopted before she even made it to our web site.
She got a new home just in time for Christmas.

Smarty Pants - adopted December 2015


Smarty Pants was adopted by her foster parents shortly after they got her.

Gomez - adopted September 2015


Gomez found a wonderful family who adores him. His new name is Bo.

Elwood - adopted August 2015


Elwood is loving life on the lake. His new name is Ruger.

Winnie - adopted May 2015


Winnie loves her new home with Skye (adopted March 2011)
and Murray (adopted January 2013).

Lilly - adopted April 2015


Livy's foster mom fell in love with her and adopted her after 1 week.

Atticus (May 2010), Willa (August 2009) and Peaches - adopted June 2014


Peaches' foster parents liked her so much they couldn't let her go.

Poppy (March 2013) and Josie (June 2007)


Poppy and Josie with their moms.

Ezmerelda - adopted October 2013


Ezmerelda with her new dad and her new sister.

Peach - adopted August 2013


Peach with her new parents and Jackson, adopted from us in December 2007.

Georgia - adopted June 2013


Georgia (now Shalane) playing with her new brother Taz.

Clementine - adopted April 2013


Clementine (now Jynx) at agility class with her new brother Jones.

Lexi - adopted January 2013


Lexi (in the middle) with Zane and her new mom.

Nellie - adopted October 2012


Nellie (now Zoey) with her new mom Sue.

Livingston - adopted August 2012


Livingston with his dad.


Buddy Love - adopted July 2012


Buddy Love (on the left) loves the ladies. He is very happy in his new home.

Fitzgerald - adopted July 2012


Fitzgerald with his favorite toy.

Fiona - adopted July 2012


Fiona with her new mom.


Khaos - adopted May 2012


Khaos (now Obediah) has found his favorite chair.


Diego - adopted April 2012


Diego - renamed Aidan, enjoying life in the N. Georgia mountains.

Rosie - adopted April 2012


Rosie with her new toys.


Inez - adopted March 2012


Inez with Brock (adopted from us in March 2009)

Fancy - adopted March 2012


Fancy with her new parents.

Sarge - adopted January 2012


Sarge with his family.


Skye - adopted March 2011


Skye with her new brother Duke.

Arnie (renamed Bentley) - adopted February 2011

Bentley with his new family.

Decker - adopted August 2010

Decker with his new Mom and Dad.


Cinnamon - adopted July 2010

Cinnamon got a wonderful home.

Atticus - adopted May 2010

Atticus with his new family, which includes Willa (adopted August 2009).

Allee - adopted May 2010

Allee adores children and seems to have found the perfect home.


Ursula (renamed Sara) - adopted April 2010

Sara loves to surround herself with her toys.

Cocoa - adopted March 2010

Cocoa in her new home.

Bruno - adopted March 2010

Bruno with his new mom.


Haze - adopted January 2010

Haze with his new sister Sierra.

Nikki - adopted November 2009

Nikki with her new mom and buddy Shea.

Harley - adopted September 2009

Big Harley and petite Brynnie (adopted from us in June 2009).


Casey, renamed Willa - adopted August 2009

Willa loves to give kisses!

Topaz - adopted July 2009

Topaz and Mom at obedience class graduation.

Gypsy, renamed Brynnie - adopted June 2009

Who says Dobermans aren't good with cats?


Hudson - adopted May 2009

Hudson and Dad at obedience class graduation.

Jackson - adopted May 2009

Jackson playing with Lucy in his new home.

Darnell - adopted March 2009

Darnell - tired after running on the ball field.

Frankie - adopted February 2009

Frankie and Dad head out for a walk.


Biltmore - adopted January 2009

Biltmore in his new home with Nikki (adopted from us in August 2006).

Sasha (renamed Sadie) - adopted December 2008

Sadie enjoying quality time with Dad.


Orion (renamed Abraham) - adopted December 2008

Abe relaxes while Penny guards the home.

Lily - adopted October 2008

Lily snoozing on the sofa with mom.


Dillon (renamed Daniel) - adopted June 2008

Daniel and Dad, enjoying a hike.

Copper (renamed Dakota) - adopted June 2008

Dakota sharing her new bed with her best friend Bella.

Jazzy - adopted June 2008

Jazzy with her new family.


Carlie - adopted May 2008

Carlie the bathing beauty.

Harry - adopted May 2008

Harry in his new home.

Wally - adopted April 2008

Wally with his new canine family.


Asia - adopted April 2008

Asia and Jake (adopted from us in May 2006) have a new family member as of January 2010.

Jasmine - adopted April 2008

Sammy, Daisy (adopted from us in March 2006), Georgia (adopted from us in August 2007) and Jasmine (looking proud and pretty).

Honey (renamed Jezzy) - adopted March 2008

Jezzy making herself at home.

Zoe - adopted February 2008

Zoe and her best friend Tommy Lee.


Eddie - adopted February 2008

Eddie enjoying a pine cone in his new home.

Herschel - adopted January 2008

Herschel (now Apollo) taking a stroll with a new friend.

Oliver - adopted January 2008

Oliver, the hairless Dobe, went to a rescue group in PA
and was immediately adopted by a wonderful family.


Dane (renamed Zion) - adopted January 2008

Zion relaxing in his new home.

Luna - adopted November 2007

Luna and her new best friend Emily taking a nap.

Ginger - adopted October 2007

Ginger and her family in Metropolitan Home magazine.


Shiloh, renamed Niko - adopted September 2007

Niko showing off his Princess Leia ears.

Georgia - adopted August 2007

Georgia with Daisy (adopted from us March 2006) and Sammy.

Hugo - adopted August 2007

Hugo in his new home.


Skyler - adopted July 2007

Skyler happy in her new home.

Gunnar - adopted July 2007

Gunnar enjoying his toys.

Dita (renamed Matti) - adopted June 2007 and
Clyde - adopted December 2006

Matti and Clyde hold still just long enough for a great photo!


Zephyr - adopted June 2007

Zephyr enjoying a cruise on his lake.

Jasmine - adopted May 2007

Jasmine with her new family.

Hollie - adopted May 2007

Hollie's veterinarian was so impressed with Hollie's sweet disposition and loving personality that she decided to adopt her. Hollie is doing very well and recovering from her mange and heartworm.

Annie - adopted April 2007

Annie is such a sweet girl that her foster mom fell in love with her
and decided to adopt her.


Apollo - adopted March 2007

Apollo with his new buddy Koty.

From Apollo's new mom: "Thanks to all at ADPR! Apollo is doing great and is a wonderful match for our family. We couldn't have asked for a better companion. He is adjusting to the country life very well and finds the goats and chickens a fascinating sight. He is also warming the hearts of the extended family and friends that are stopping by to meet him. Most visitors are amazed at how sweet and laid back he is. His favorite thing to do at this time is to snuggle on the couch and he won't pass up a good belly rub. We are blessed to have him as an addition to our family. Thanks again.

Bella - adopted March 2007

From Bella's new mom: Bella is doing wonderfully! The little dogs just adore her. She has been out to play with the goats which was uneventful. Bella seems to be very happy and is just so sweet and affectionate- we have all just fallen hopelessly in love with her.

Bunny (renamed Rosemary) - adopted February 2007

From Rosemary's new mom: I couldn't have received a better playmate for Daisy. Just like you said, Rosemary is "happy, happy, happy" but definitely not hyper. She's such a good girl and so sweet. She's a little rough on her stuffed toys but we are learning the difference between tossing toys and chewing toys. She is also walking much better on the leash. She LOVES our hikes down to the river. She also loves to be loved and we love to love on her, so it works out well. Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Luther - adopted January 2007

Luther in his happy new home.


Sterling - adopted January 2007

Sterling giving Daisy a kiss.

Josie - adopted October 2006

Josie and Taylor, best buddies.

Brita (renamed Nikki) - adopted August 2006

From Nikki's new dad: Nikki is a very sweet, smart, and athletic girl. She has been to obedience class and passed her Canine Good Citizenship test last February 13. She loves to play tug-of-war with her new brother, George, and goes for 2-4 mile runs several days a week. She would be a good agility student, and I hope to get her into a class sometime soon.

Lamar - adopted August, 2006 !!!

Lamar taking a break from a hard day at work.

Lamar getting back to work.

After 20 MONTHS in foster care Lamar was adopted on August 27! Without a doubt Lamar has the best personality of any dog we've ever met, and parting with him was a painful, emotional experience. He is now with a wonderful, loving family who adores and appreciates how special he is. Lamar keeps busy by going to work with his new mom & dad every day, and playing with his new best doggie friend. Check back for more photos of Lamar as we receive them.


Guinness - adopted August, 2006

Guinness and his new family.

"We knew right away that he had the looks, but his personality is better than my highest hopes. The flower garden and yard have taken a beating but he is well worth it! I think the neighbors were intimidated initially but they are more comfortable after seeing his "goofy" side."

Rusty - adopted August, 2006

Rusty's life of adventure.

From Rusty's new mom: "Can I say "thank you, thank you, thank you" again?!? We absolutely adore Rusty... He is such a gentleman and so obedient!! We also love his intelligence--Carl is even teaching him to wipe his paws when he comes
through the door!! We couldn't have asked for a more suitable match."

Spencer - adopted July, 2006

Spencer giving a nice puppy kiss.

Journey - adopted June, 2006

Journey enjoying a cuddle on the sofa.


Spice - adopted June, 2006

From Spice's new mom: I am so glad to have the privilege of adopting a dog from ADPR. Spice is a shy, sensitive girl, and I am afraid some people might not give her the special treatment that she requires. I am so glad to share my life with her. When I began the paperwork process with you, I had originally tried to get Ella. You did me a real favor, by recommending Spice instead.

Roxy - adopted June, 2006

Roxy posing in her fancy collar.
On April 14, 2007 Roxy passed her WAE (Working Aptitude Evaluation) test with flying colors! Congratulations Roxy!

Ella (renamed Jena) - adopted June, 2006

Jena and Nyla. Jena passed her CGC in August 2007 on her first try!

Jake - adopted May, 2006

Jake with his best buddy.

Indie - adopted April, 2006

Indie with his new family and fuzzy toy.


Kira - adopted April, 2006

Kira with her new playmates.

Daisy - adopted March, 2006

Daisy enjoying her new family which includes her new best friend Sammy.

Zsa Zsa - adopted February, 2006

Zsa Zsa enjoying true comfort in her new home.