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Suzanna - November 9, 2015

SuzannaSuzanna was with us such a short time. We had her only a few weeks. She was adopted from a Humane Society in middle Georgia in 2008. In August of this year her owner moved out of her rental home and just left Suzanna behind to die alone. Animal control found out about her and rescued her. She sat at animal control for over a month before we found out about her.

Suzanna was such a joy to be around. She was affectionate and cuddly. The only thing she wanted in life was attention. When her foster mom worked on her computer, Suzanna would gently nudge her arm to remind her that petting was needed. We had an adoptive home lined up for Suzanna, but on November 9 she became obviously ill and her foster mom rushed her to the ER vet. They said she had a good deal of fluid around her heart and it was probably cancer. The treatment just to stabalize her to be seen by the cardiologist the next day was so invasive we decided to let her go. Suzanna was loved, if even for a short time.

Skyler - June 20, 2015

SkylerSkyler was one of the first dogs taken in to Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue. She was pulled from Dekalb County Animal Control on January 7, 2006. Her age was guessed to be 2 years old. She was thrown away by someone who failed to appreciate what a loyal, loving companion she was. She had a goofy-looking ear crop and the thickest coat ever seen on a blue Doberman. She also had a thick scar across her throat, a torn Achilles tendon and pyometra. Dr. Connolly at Gwinnett Animal Hospital built her an artificial Achilles from suture material, which lasted the rest of her life. She was our foster dog, but after a year or so we adopted her.

Skyler was always a little nervous, and not incredibly confident. But she was friendly and affectionate, and a great model for my dog clothing company, Zolawear. Skyler could be plopped into a position where she would remain, ears up, panting, until moved to a different position. She was like a living mannequin. She looked happy and alert in photos.

Skyler was never a leader, always a follower. She did not have a big personality. She never won any Nobel prizes, or saved anyone’s life, or discovered any new planets, but she brought much joy to her family’s life. She thrived on a predictable routine and always seemed happiest at home. She loved going for walks and rolling in the grass, but was always excited to get home. Even after a fun beach vacation she was thrilled to be home.

And this is why it is so sad that she did not die at home. In June, 2015 we spent 2 weeks in Minneapolis on vacation. Skyler was going through chemo for lymphoma, and appeared to be doing well. The day we headed back to Atlanta she took a turn for the worse. We had to turn around and go back towards Minneapolis to take her to an emergency vet. It was discovered that the cancer had spread to her lungs and they were basically disintegrating. Nothing could be done at that point and we had to let her go, then drive 1,100 miles home.

Skyler lived the best life she could have. She went on vacations, she walked and ran on a golf course early every morning (before the golfers arrived), she had an endless supply of fuzzy toys, she lounged around on the sofa most of the day, she went to nosework classes and she was with her family up until the last seconds of her life. She is missed more than words can express. Every single day. She had a soft face.

Sara - March 28, 2015

SaraSara adopted me at an ADPR meet and greet I was helping out with in 2010.  We had five wonderful years together.  She loved to be beside you…..did not have to do anything but she wanted to be touched.

Sara was great for car rides, trips to the beach or on a boat….as long as we were together life was good.  She was also a huge ‘food hound’.  I used to tease her about the world being her buffet. 

Sara was my rock in so many ways, more than she knew.  She had a sense when I needed comfort or just a friend to lean on.  Never did she leave my side tell the day we said goodbye.  She will be missed forever…..sweet dreams my girl. 

Chumley - March 5, 2014

ChumleyWe are so sad to have lost Chumley. From his foster mom:

We don't know too much about Chumley's life before he came to us. His body was battered - an old leg injury that left him with a permanent limp, a large notch cut out of his lip, scars crisscrossing his face and legs. But even more heartbreaking was the story told by what terrified him - sudden movements, men in general, and being left alone. 

One thing that Chumley loved was travelling. He went everywhere with us, head propped up on the back of the front seat, just happy to be included. The other thing that Chumley loved was an ugly, purple, squeaky rubber duck toy that I've had for years and no other dog ever cared for at all. But Chumley adopted it. He'd carry it around with him, from room to room. If you made it squeak, he'd immediately come check on it, gingerly take it from you, and bring it back to his bed and lay his head over it. 

Chumley suddenly began having seizures and we had to let him go before he could be adopted. Under different circumstances, Chumley would have made someone an amazing companion. He was focused, affectionate, and quick to learn new skills, even hard ones like "stay". I don't think he could quite believe his luck when he realized that he could get treats for something as simple to him as "shake hands" or walking beside you. You could see the look on his face - "Is that all I have to do?" Yep, Chum bum, that's all you had to do. Loving you was easy. And don't worry about Duckie, we're keeping him safe for you. 

Brynnie - June 26, 2013

BrynnieBrynnie was adopted from ADPR in June 2009 as a cruelty siezure.  The fears, abuses, and neglect that she endured in her old life are unimaginable.  Even so, in a different, nurturing environment, she found her comfort and security.  

For some reason, Brynnie hyper-focused on one of our many cats, and developed a special bond with him.  She would stalk Chester relentlessly, but he almost always outsmarted her maneuvers! Making sure that she kept an eye on her cat pal gave her purpose and confidence.

She never became really close to humans, althogh she loved everyone she met.  There were no strangers and any hand was as good as the next for a rubbie.  She hated all cameras and would never allow herself to be photographed directly.  What Brynnie truly loved, though, was her house.  The rugs, rooms, furniture, halls, floors...everything about HER house.  She almost never asked to go outside on her own, and when we took her out, she couldn't get back into the house fast enough!  She loved HER castle!  

We're so grateful that we could give her a feeling of well-being and comfort in her last years.  Sweet afterlife Brynnie, you are so missed!

Daisy - August 1, 2012

DaisyDaisy was a sweet, beautiful and precious Dobe. She was the smartest dog we have ever had. Although we adopted four more Dobes after adopting her in 2006, she always stood apart. We were her humans, and she was our best friend. She loved to eat and run and especially bark! Above all, she loved to be doing anything with us.

She went by several nicknames, including Sweet Pea and Stinky. However, her name, Daisy Johnson, was carried to Mars on a microchip carried by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover. How fitting as Daisy was the whole world to us.

Our dear beloved Daisy passed on August 1, 2012 to cancer. Although she always tried to appear strong, she must have been so scared. We are grateful that we could be with her, holding her, at home, as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Harley - October, 2012

It is heartbreaking to tell you that our sweet Harley died unexpectedly in her sleep.  She had celebrated her 13th birthday in September.  Harley had several health issues being treated with medications but she handled all those inconveniences like a trooper.  Her arthritis was often pronounced, and probably was made worse by a cervical injury and a crushed pelvis incurred in her younger life.  Even so, her overall attitude and health were remarkably good so her passing is a tremendous shock for us. We are at such a loss without her presence!

Harley was an odd looking girl, a short nub of a tail, a head tilt, and legs two inches too short.  Her chest was so broad and deep she had a stance like a bulldog's.  But, oh, what a calm, gentle soul, so endeared to her people!  She tolerated the toddler grandkids and rubbed noses with all the cats.  With a keen intelligence, she could tune into body language and verbal cues in an uncanny way.  Harley was the perfect watch dog, alert without ever being out of control. She so loved her squeaker mat toys, the laser light, her bubbles, guarding the chickens, and exploring her woods. Everyone who cared for Harley was under her spell.

After decades of getting our Dobes from breeders as pups, we decided a few years ago that it was now time to only adopt older rescue Dobes.  Harley confirmed the merit of our decision every day she shared with us.  Adopted from ADPR in September 2009, Harley was here too short a time and will be missed always.  We are so grateful to have had this especially dear Dobe as a family member.  Thanks for helping us find her!

Abe - February 5, 2012

AbeI am writing with sad news about sweet old Abraham who we adopted from you in December 2008.  He died yesterday at the age of 12 1/2 after suffering from dementia for a while.  

He was the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever known.  Even when he was inconsolable and anxious we could still see his wonderful nature and that all he wanted was to make us happy and to be loved.  We are so grateful that we got three wonderful years with him and so glad that he got to live such a long and happy life. We are going to miss his puppy smiles and his head sneaking up to lie on our laps.

This is a picture of Abe from a beach trip last summer.  He loved being held in the ocean and relaxing under our umbrella to watch the waves.  I think that the ocean helped his arthritis and relaxed him.  Thank you so much for finding second chances for amazing dogs like Abe.  We are so thankful that we were able to give him a home for his senior years.  

Frankie - September 21, 2011

FrankieWe lost our Frankie, after a sudden
24-hr illness on September 21, 2011.

Frankie came into our lives in Feb. 2009, thanks to a wonderful couple from ADPR who rescued him on what was to be his last day.   We will forever be grateful for this.  From the first moment we met him and took him to his forever home, we knew he was a special dog and our love was instant.  Frankie was a gentle giant - 90lbs of heart. 

Frankie loved to give and receive affection.   He could never get enough of having his ears scratched, head petted, cuddling in bed or holding "hands".  He would sit in front of you and raise one paw and wait until you would hold it.   Frankie was always up for adventure.  He could be sound asleep, but if we picked up his leash he was at our side - little stubby tail wagging- ready to go.  He loved hiking in the mountains and all of the sounds and smells made him very happy.  Frankie also loved walks in the park; especially when children would come up to pet him.  
But what Frankie loved most was spending time with his mom and dad; whether it was hanging out in his yard playing ball or frisbee or just being together.  Frankie loved his cat sister, Lilly, and his new little 12 lb. brother Lucky.  We found him along the highway in the mountains after a hike, just 6 months ago.  The two of them became best friends, instantly.

Everyone who met Frankie loved him, including his extended family, friends and neighbors. 

Our home - our lives seem so empty without our boy. When we open the door, we expect him to be standing there to greet us, tail wagging and tennis ball in mouth, ready to play. 

There will never or could never be another dog like Frankie.  The hole in our hearts is huge.

We miss him more than words can express. 

Millie - July 9, 2011


Millie was a wonderful, sweet, affectionate girl who had a terrible start in life. When we pulled her from animal control on February 15, 2010 she was covered in dead fleas and flea dirt. She had a hard time walking because of an injury to one of the discs in her spine. She had such bad ear infections that if you touched her ears, or touched her head anywhere near her ears she would scream out in pain. She cried when I put her ear drops in, but she still let me do it.

Once we got her medical issues cleared up she became cheerful and happy and her personality started to come out. She was stubborn and a little pushy. She
pretty much did what she wanted regardless of what anyone else thought. I tried to teach her to wait before going out the door, but she wasn't about to do that. She assigned herself the role of fun police and barked at the other dogs when they played.

Millie had no interest in toys for the first year or so and didn't seem to know what they were, then one day she picked up a toy and started shaking it around, and from then on enjoyed them. She loved going for walks more than anything in the world.

In December 2010 Millie was diagnosed with cancer in the cartilage of her right shoulder, so at that point we changed her status from adoptable to "in hospice care". We figured she only had a few months. But it was not the cancer that brought on her demise, it was the injury to her spine. Shortly after July 4 she lost all use of her back legs, and her front legs were too weak to support her in a harness or wheelchair. She could no longer go for walks or do anything other than lie on a bed and watch what was going on around her, so we decided it was time.

Millie really was a joy to have around. I'm so glad we took her to the beach with us. She had a wonderful time chasing birds and sand crabs and taking walks on the beach. I had no idea what a wonderful dog I was getting when I picked her up from animal control. My life would be less without the time I had with her.

Missy - February 10, 2010

Here is sweet Missy in better days soaking up sun on the deck with her pal Mason standing guard. She was the queen of the house from the first moment she came home to join the family and she deserved all that and more.

I am grateful to Jane for tugging on my heart just a little when I came to adopt a female companion for Mason. Jane told me she was 11ish and would be harder to adopt out. She had been left at animal control by her family after they lost their home. Mason and I went to meet her and fell in love with her. It was the right decision.

I will always cherish my memories of the time she was with us nearly 2 years. Thanks Jane for all you and you wonderful group of foster care families do for this amazing breed.

Georgia - July 18, 2009

Georgia came into my life with a huge capacity and willingness to open her heart, to receive love, and to trust that she would be taken care of-finally. It is amazing how, without words, we learned to communicate. She would give me a look when she needed help up the ramp to the house. She knew it was ok to ask for help, despite her impeccable Doberman qualities, she could not always make it by herself and she accepted that. She always gave her best try, and she loved a walk even if it was only for a block. Many times she would place her paw on me and lock my eyes as if to say, thank you.

One of my fondest memories of Georgia is the morning she ventured out of the fence into the front yard garden. She came around the corner with the one and only green tomato fresh off the vine in her mouth, prancing proudly because she got the prize.

Georgia was the prize. An unexpected rare gift of pure love who came into my life and
wrapped herself gently around that part of my heart that had never been touched before.
Rest in Peace Sweet Georgia.

Jasmine - October 12, 2008

Jasmine was adopted from us in April 2008. She was 12 years old at that time.

From Jasmine's mom: We returned from vacation and brought the dogs home, and they were all so excited and happy to be home, especially Jasmine, who was just tearing around the yard and frolicking with Daisy and Georgia. Then suddenly she went down, I think her heart just quit.

Jasmine was such a happy, easy to care for and eager to please dog, we're so glad we were able to give her a good home. She was so happy, and the end was so sudden, I wish all dogs could go that way when it's their time.

We shall never forget her. The six months and two days we had with her
were a gift from God. What a great dog she was! We both loved her so much. She belonged here.

Wally - June 17, 2008

Wally peacefully passed away in his sleep on June 17, 2008.

From Wally's Mom: I was totally blessed to have had Wally in my life. Even though I only had him for four short months. My heart went out to him when I heard his sad story. And I knew I could give him a good and loving home, he deserved it!!! So there was no doubt about taking him in.

When I first saw him walk, my thought was that he should have been named Tigger because he was “bouncy”. Add the ears that would flop, up and down, it made him all the more adorable. And the kids in the neighborhood just loved him!!! Watching him prance around always put a smile on my face. He was very intelligent, a good listener and never ventured away from his new home or new momma (he was attached to the hip). He got loads of love and gave back loads!!! It’s some of the funny moments that we shared that I’ll always remember. For instance, I couldn’t figure out what happened to the Frosty Paws cup the first time I gave him ice cream. I thought he hid it, because at the time he was hiding food everywhere. The second time, I kept an eye on him, well lets just say…it passed through OK. Then there was the time he wanted to be a “lap” dog and crawled onto me and proceeded to sit in my lap. I could barely breathe!!!! But I loved that he wanted to be close!!!

Hazel - May 27, 2008

Hazel did not have a great life before she came to us. She had been bred repeatedly and left at animal control to die. When we rescued her on June 20, 2007 she had just had puppies, despite her advanced age. She had absolutely no muscle tone. She had heartworms, dangerously low thyroid and a mammary tumor. We had her tumor removed and treated her for heartworms, and put her on thyroid medication. Everything was going so well for Hazel, but then in January we found out that she had an inoperable tumor growing around her urethra.

Despite cancer she was still playful and mischievous. She was a bossy girl and never let herself get pushed around. She was very easy to live with and to care for.

Hazel loved going for walks more than anything in life. If you held up her walking collar she would push her head right through it, and she would try to push her head through every other dog's collar. She wanted to wear all of them.

Hazel never made it out of foster care. We feel bad that Hazel never had a happy home to call her own, but she seemed to enjoy her 11 months in her foster home. She got a good deal of exercise and play time, and had 3 other Doberman friends to live with.

Hazel passed away on May 27, 2008. She is greatly missed. She was loved by all who met her.

Indy - July 4, 2005 - April 26, 2008

From Indy's mom: It is with great sorrow that I let you know that we decided it was time to help our wonderful Indy cross the rainbow bridge on April 26th. He was not quite 3 years old.

We adopted Indy in April of 2006 and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, within weeks of adopting him we also found out he was terminally ill. He was born in Italy and suffered from a disease endemic to the mediterranean, middle east and parts of Africa but not found here except in dogs who have travelled to endemic areas of the world. There is no effective cure and the disease affects the joints, the immune system, and eventually the kidneys and liver.

Anyone who knew Indy knew what a special dog he was. He was so happy and full of enthusiasm for life...he loved agility, playing with other dogs, going for walks and mostly just being wherever I was. He was the smartest, most laid back, eager to please partner I have ever had the joy of sharing my life with. He was ever my goofy, wonderful, doberboy and he was truly a blessing to have come into our lives.

Indiana Jones (aka Indy) CD, NA, NAJ, CGC

Sterling - March 21, 2007

Sterling was the sweetest boy. In my memories and dreams he is my sterling boy. I adopted Sterling in December of 2007. He was submissive, playful and SWEET! He became best buds with my other rescued darling dobe named Daisy. He taught her to play and that he was a great brother!

I was taking them both to dog day care at the time. Sterling went several more times a week than Daisy did because of his social nature. I received a horrifying phone call one day in February 2007. It was the day care and they needed me to call the vet to give permission to treat Sterling. He had been attacked at dog day care by two other dogs right in the play yard!!

I lost my sterling boy because of the day cares negligence. I want to remember only the happy times when Daisy and Sterling were together and all they did was wag!!

All my love to Sterling, Barbara