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Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about a dog.

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Sunny - special needs


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Sunny is a sweet, affectionate, loving Rottweiler who has been passed around on Craig's List her entire life. At one point her right front foot was seriously injured, probably caught in a trap, and never treated. Because of that her leg bends about 2" higher than it should, which causes a lot of strain on her left front leg. It is a little bowed out to the side.

When we got Sunny she could barely walk because of the issues with her front legs and the complete lack of muscle tone in her back legs. Her back end was nearly bald from being chewed up by fleas. Although she is housebroken she had to live outdoors and spent most of her time just lying in the dirt.

With pain medications, laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments Sunny is making a remarkable turnaround. She is able to get up much easier and walk further.

Sunny is a joy to be around. She is probably the happiest dog you will ever meet. She is growly with most dogs she meets, but we feel like she does this because she feels vulnerable. Once she gets used to the dog(s) she is fine.

Sunny still has to be spayed and treated for heartworms. She should be available for adoption in December. We think she is between 6 and 8 years old.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Sunny. Her adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Sunny, please email

If you would like to make a donation towards Sunny's care we would greatly appreciate it!



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Poor Teddy. He is such an incredibly sweet boy, but apparently no one cared enough about him to take proper care of him. He was adopted from a rural shelter and taken to the vet for neutering. When his adopter found out he tested positive for heartworms she abandoned him at the clinic. They turned him over to us.

When we got Teddy he had an upper respiratory infection and a smashed toe that had never been treated. He has had two surgeries on the toe and it has now been removed. He still has heartworms which we will treat as soon as he recovers from surgery.

We think Teddy is about 4 years old. He is a very gentle, loving dog. He gets along well with the Doberman in his foster home. We don't know how he is with cats or children. He has been neutered and fully vaccinated. He will be ready for adoption in late October.

Teddy's vet bills are already extremely high - close to $1,000 and his heartworm treatment will cost about $500. If you could donate towards Teddy's bill we would greatly appreciate it. We've had a few very expensive dogs lately.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Teddy. His adoption fee is $350.

If you are interested in Teddy, please email



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Dinah was found wandering loose in N. Georgia. She was picked up by animal control, who saw that she was afflicted with a very large mammary tumor. She was scheduled to be euthanized that afternoon, but our volunteers stepped up to get her and transport her to Atlanta.

She was filthy and smelly, as if she had never had a bath. Her ears look like they were cut with scissors. She has obviously had a few litters. Her owners completely failed her.

On March 12 Dinah had surgery to remove her tumor, and she was spayed at that time. She tested positive for heartworms, and she has gone through heartworm treatment.

Dinah is extremely calm and affectionate, but she isn't a pushover. She has a mind of her own. She gets long well with other dogs. She loves to be petted and loved.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Dinah. Her adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Dinah, please email


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Yukon is a big, beautiful Rottweiler. He has a calm, easygoing temperament and he seems to like all people he meets. He likes playing with toys and he will tug and fetch. We think he's about 3 years old.

Yukon's exercise requirements are not high. He just needs a good walk or two a day, plus a few potty breaks. If you're looking for a jogging companion he probably isn't it, unless you just run a mile or two.

Yukon walks well on a leash with a pinch collar. He is fine meeting other dogs while on leash. We don't know how he is with cats.

Yukon's foster family does not have to crate him while they're away. He doesn't bother or destroy anything. He is housebroken. He rides well in a car. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

His adoption fee is $375.

If you are interested in Yukon, please email

Yvette - adopted!


Gomez - adopted!


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Grady - adopted!


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