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Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about a dog.

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Odessa is a very active, intelligent 13-month-old black/rust female. She is affectionate, friendly and playful. She would do great with a male canine companion or as an only dog, but we'd rather not place her with another female. She can be bossy and sassy and another female might not be so tolerant of that. A male dog who is not a pushover would be the perfect companion for her.

Odessa is energetic and agile. She needs love, exercise and mental stimulation. She is clicker trained and she loves learning tricks and is a very fast learner. She is already being trained in nosework and excels at it.

Odessa loves to be outside and loves playing with other dogs. Her favorite evening activity is snuggling. We think Odessa would do best in a home with previous Doberman or working dog experience.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Odessa. Her adoption fee is $300.

If you are interested in Odessa, please email



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Farrah is a wonderful, happy, energetic young girl. She is black/rust with a docked tail and natural ears. We think she is about 1 year old.

While Farrah is still puppyish, she is very well behaved in the house. She doesn't get into things or destroy anything. She's housebroken and rings a bell when she wants to go out. She does not love being crated, but she can be left with free run of the house and won't get into anything.

Farrah gets along great with the male Doberman in her foster home. She loves to play with him. She also loves playing with toys but doesn't destroy them.

Farrah will need a home where she gets exercise and mental stimulation. She's not hyper but she's not a couch potato.

Farrah has been vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $375.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Farrah.

If you are interested in Farrah, please email



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Scooby is a gorgeous 4-year-old neutered male. He's black/rust with natural ears and a docked tail. He is loving and affectionate. His foster family has only good things to say about him.

Scooby is housebroken, crate trained and leash trained. He is very well behaved in the house. He is playful and fun. He is a great play mate for the female Doberman in his foster home. If she gets tired of playing and tells him to back off, he will. He's not pushy.

Scooby has been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Scooby. His adoption fee is $350.

If you are interested in Scooby, please email



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Poor Shelly wound up in rescue at 10 years of age. She is so sweet and calm and well-trained. There is nothing negative about her, but her age works against her chances of being adopted.

Shelly is so easy to live with. She doesn't need to be crated when you leave the house. She just relaxes and waits for you to come home. She doesn't chew anything and she's completely housebroken. She likes to take her person's clothing and put it on her dog bed and lie on it.

Shelly has no health issues we could find. She had a few small mammary tumors that were removed and all were benign. We had a blood panel run on her and it looked great. She was hit by a car when she was young and has a pin in one of her back legs, so it doesn't bend. She gets around with no issues.

Shelly has a little bit of playfulness in her. She will play bow and engage other dogs once she gets to know them.

Shelly is black/rust, docked & cropped. She has been vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Shelly. Her adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Shelly, please email

Leonard - adoption pending!


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Update 3/26/16: Leonard came through surgery just fine and is recovering very well. He starts rehab on Monday, March 28. Leonard has an adoptive family waiting for him when he's ready to go. They are very excited to get him. He will be living with Sunny, the special needs Rottweiler adopted from us a few months ago.

Sweet Leonard came to us from a local animal control facility. Leonard is very affectionate, calm and cuddly. We think he is about 10 years old. He is housebroken and well behaved in the house. He loves to lie on the sofa and snuggle with whoever is available. He is very loving towards the dogs in his foster home, although they do not return his affection.

When Leonard was picked up by animal control he had an obvious limp and a large growth on his gums. The growth was a benign epulis, which has been removed. X-rays showed 3 fractures in his pelvis. We have taken Leonard to two orthopedic specialists and both recommended FHO surgery. The surgery is scheduled for March 23 and we are conducting a fundraiser in hopes of covering the cost of surgery + physical therapy.

Click here for Leonard's YouCaring fundraiser.

Leonard is a wonderful dog with a fantastic temperament and we feel like he has a lot to give and a lot of life left in him. Please consider supporting Leonard.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Leonard. His adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Leonard, please email



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Zara is a beautiful, peppy, playful 2-year-old Rottweiler. She is wiggly and happy when she meets new people. She likes other dogs and is playful. She would do fine in a home with no other dogs, or with another dog who will play with her.

Zara loves to fetch a ball and play with toys. She is athletic and energetic and may be a good candidate for sports like agility or dock diving. She is extremely food driven. She's had some training and walks fairly well on a leash and knows sit, down and stay. She is completely housebroken and crate trained.

Zara didn't have the best start in life and was exhibiting some resource guarding behavior when we acquired her, but we've been working with her every day and she's so much better. She likes to take her person's clothes into her crate, but she will let you take them back.

In Zara's previous home she injured both knees and her owner did not take her to the vet. She was trying to walk on only her front legs, or just by dragging her back legs. She was rescued from this situation and had TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) surgery on both knees. She has made a complete recovery and you'd never know that she ever had a problem with her knees.

Zara has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $300.

If you are interested in Zara, please email


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Yukon is a big, beautiful Rottweiler. He has a calm, easygoing temperament and he seems to like all people he meets. He likes playing with toys and he will tug and fetch. We think he's about 3 years old.

Yukon's exercise requirements are not high. He just needs a good walk or two a day, plus a few potty breaks. If you're looking for a jogging companion he probably isn't it, unless you just run a mile or two.

Yukon walks well on a leash with a pinch collar. He is fine meeting other dogs while on leash. We don't know how he is with cats.

Yukon's foster family does not have to crate him while they're away. He doesn't bother or destroy anything. He is housebroken. He rides well in a car. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

His adoption fee is $325.

If you are interested in Yukon, please email

Bonita - adoption pending!


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Calvin - adopted!

CalvinCalvinClick above photos for larger

Freckles - adopted!