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Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about a dog.

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Hamilton is a wonderful, good-natured, calm, affectionate boy who came from a shelter in South Carolina. Our vet guessed his age to be about 5. He is black/rust with natural ears and a docked tail.

Hamilton wants so badly to please people and be close to his family. He is happiest when he is laying on the couch with his head on your lap. He is most successful when he is given clear, predictable instructions. 

He knows how to "kennel up", "sit", and "wait". He has a clumsy nature and would do well with someone who is sure footed with clear walkways in their home. 

He is pretty good on a leash, but walks best with the use of a pinch collar. He does not like to use the bathroom on a leash so he will definitely need a home with a fenced yard. He is a dog that really enjoys and needs repetition and familiarity. 

He sleeps quietly through the night on a dog bed in his foster parents' room. He also rides fine in the car. He doesn't chew or destroy things in the house. He is a little unnerved by hardwood or slick floors, but has learned to manage. His foster parents have several rugs and runners throughout the house. He prefers those but he has gotten much better on hardwood floors.

He gets along with the female Doberman in his foster home and is learning to play. When he plays, he is vocal and does a lot of hopping and full body contact. He would do well with another dog that is confident and can signal if play is too rough. He does well with children but his clumsy nature can lead to some toes getting stepped on. We have not seen him around cats or other small animals.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Hamilton. His adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Hamilton, please email



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Eunice is a sweet, affectionate 11-year-old girl who was adopted from a shelter in N. Georgia several years ago, and wound up at Fulton County Animal Control in March after she was found running loose. Her owners were contacted, but Eunice sat in a run for 10 days waiting for them to reclaim her, but they never showed up. She developed a severe upper respiratory infection and later pneumonia. She was very sick the first few weeks we had her, but she has made a complete recovery. Please consider opening your heart and home to an older girl. She has so much to give, but almost no one will adopt an older dog.

This golden girl has spunk.  It is hard to believe she is 11 as she loves to run and loves to go for walks.   Her foster parents took her to the beach and she had a great time running and playing in the sand. She can easily go for a 2 mile run. Eunice loves her food and does a happy dance for her meals.   She prances around waiting for her bowl of food.  

Eunice loves to be petted and snuggled.  She is total velcro and will go wherever you go.  She is very friendly and has been great with all the dogs she has met.  She is inquisitive & likes to take in all her new experiences by sniffing everything in. She adores people and wants to meet everyone she sees.   She loves to be tucked under her blanket at night and sleeps like a baby.   She will make such a wonderful companion to someone.  

Eunice has been fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She is housebroken and very well behaved in the house. She is in a foster home with a female Rottweiler and gets along very well with her.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Eunice. Her adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in Eunice, please email



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Midge is a sweet, affectionate girl who was rescued from a hoarding/backyard breeder situation with 116 other Dobermans. She is black/rust with a docked tail and natural ears. We think she's about 5 years old.

Poor Midge has had it rough. Her snout and head are covered with tiny scars and part of her nose is missing. All the dogs probably had to fight for food and water, and she most likely had to work hard to protect litter after litter of puppies born into squalid conditions. She also has a thick scar between her shoulder blades. Despite all this, she is as sweet and loving as a dog can be. She loves all people she meets and she gets along great with the male Doberman in her foster home.

Midge is housebroken and crate trained and very well behaved in the house. She is calm and has nice house manners. She can jump a 4' fence without a running start, so she'll need a home with at least a 6' fence. She can also hop over a baby gate without making a sound. But she doesn't get into anything if she does.

Midge has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.

Check out her video!

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Midge. Her adoption fee is $300.

If you are interested in Midge, please email

Homer - special needs


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Homer is a calm, affectionate red boy with natural ears and a docked tail. He is completely blind. He came to us from animal control, so we have no history on him. He was picked up as a stray, so someone either dumped him or he got away from his home and was lost, and no one came to reclaim him.

Homer is housebroken and crate trained. He loves other dogs and wants to be near them. He is submissive but will stand up for himself if another dog gets pushy with him. Homer slowly makes his way around a new setting, trying to get the feel for what is around him. Here's a video of him the first day in his foster home.

Homer tested positive for heartworms, so he will start treatment in early April and be available for adoption in June. Homer has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you would like to donate to help with Homer's vet care, or for any of his living assistance, we would greatly appreciate it:



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Luna is a very active, curious, playful puppy. She is red with a docked tail and natural ears. She was born on 11/13/16.

Luna is crate trained and housebroken. She is very energetic and loves to play.

Luna is being clicker trained in her foster home. She is very food motivated. She may make a great sports dog. She could go to a home with another dog, or without one. She will not be adopted into a home with a female dog.

Luna has been dewormed, vaccinated and micro chipped. She will be spayed before adoption.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Luna. Her adoption fee is $350.

If you are interested in Luna, please email

Romeo - adopted!