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Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about a dog.

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Spruce is a lively, active, confident blue Doberman puppy. He was born July 28, 2016. He has natural ears and a docked tail.

Spruce is in a foster home with 2 adult dogs and a cat. He will not leave the cat alone and is constantly pushing her limits. We will not place him into a home with cats. We feel he needs a home with a well-trained adult dog who will tolerate him, guide him and keep his pushiness in check. We will not place him into a home with small dogs. His adopter will need to have previous Doberman or working dog experience, and be a confident person who is not a pushover to a cute puppy.

Spruce is extremely active and always looking for something to do. He won't do well in a home where he is left alone for long periods. He needs training, mental stimulation and structure.

Spruce is housebroken and crate trained and is doing great on leash training. Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Spruce.

Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Spruce. His adoption fee is $450.

If you are interested in Spruce, please email

Imogene - adoption pending!


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Imogene is as sweet and lovable as they come. She is always happy. She loves everyone she meets and just wants petting and cuddling. She gets along well with other dogs, but she is not good with cats. She is blue with natural ears and a docked tail.

Imogene is 9 years old. She was dropped off at animal control by her owner, with their 3 other dogs. They said she might be pregnant, but we had her spayed and she was not. She is in great health. We ran a full blood panel on her and everything looked fine. She is energetic and playful and peppy.

Imogene walks well on a leash. She is housebroken and crate trained. She will also stay behind a baby gate. She sleeps in a dog bed at night but would love to sleep in bed with her new owner if allowed.

Imogene is a wonderful family dog. It's hard for the seniors - everyone passes them up for younger dogs. She is so easy to live with and care for.

Imogene has been spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. Please read our adoption policies before inquiring about Imogene. Her adoption fee is $275.

If you are interested in Imogene, please email

Shelly - hospice


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Update 7/6/16: Shelly's health seems to be slowly deteriorating. She can no longer walk up or down stairs and falls a good bit. We are going to have her checked for Wobblers, but at this point we feel like she's better off spending her remaining days with her foster mom. Thank you for your compassion and concern for Shelly. We have actually had a few people interested in adopting her, but we're not sure she has a lot of time left.

If you would like to donate to Shelly's care, we would greatly appreciate it.

Poor Shelly wound up in rescue at 10 years of age. She is so sweet and calm and well-trained.

Shelly is easy to live with. She doesn't need to be crated when you leave the house. She just relaxes and waits for you to come home. She doesn't chew anything and she's completely housebroken. She likes to take her person's clothing and put it on her dog bed and lie on it.

Shelly had a few small mammary tumors that were removed and all were benign. We had a blood panel run on her and it looked great. She was hit by a car when she was young and has a pin in one of her back legs, so it doesn't bend. She gets around pretty well, but she does have a problem with stairs.

Gabby - adopted!


Rose - adopted!



Perseus - adopted!



Lucy - adopted!


Ethel - adopted!


Ruckus - adopted!


Abel - adopted!


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Mori - adopted!


Taylor - adopted!


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Lola - adopted!