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Welcome to Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue.

If you are looking for an adult Doberman to adopt, please check the Our Available Dobermans and Other Available Dobermans pages. We occasionally get puppies, but rarely. Please read our Adoption Policies before inquiring about a dog.

If you are looking for a puppy, please read this article on how to spot an irresponsible breeder or puppy mill. If that link doesn't work, the article is also in PDF format. If you're looking for puppies on Craig's List, don't. Only the worst, most unscrupulous breeders advertise on Craig's List. For a reputable breeder please refer to "Breeder Referral" on the home page of the Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Club web site.

If you have a Doberman you would like to surrender, please email us at If you would like to volunteer or foster, please email us at . We need foster homes! Click here to learn more.

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